Local Environmental Beauty

There are so many beautiful places to enjoy in Sacramento. It is perhaps therefore not surprising that tourism has seen such a boost in recent years.  When you look at all the natural beauty in the area and all the things to do – especially in the summer – and add that to the fact that the region is not nearly as crowded as other popular tourist destinations, Sacramento deserves its boost in revenue.

Indeed, according to Principal Planner with the City of Sacramento, Desmond Parrington, the Golden 1 Center has been a huge draw, last year attracting around an additional 1.6 million visitors.

But what about the nature?  What about the environment?  There are so many beautiful overlooked areas in Sacramento not getting the attention they deserve.

“It’s really weird,” said Mozes Victor Konig, a Tel Aviv, Israel based photographer. “On my last visit to California I actually got sidetracked by the Sacramento River NWR due to its accessibility, beauty and relaxation.  I can’t understand why more people aren’t taking advantage of it.”

This sentiment was echoed by local resident Michelle Washington.  “I’ve lived here my whole life,” the great-grandmother of 5 said.  “I dated my husband on these banks; brought my kids here, grandkids and now my great grandchildren.  There’s simply nothing more precious in its natural beauty.”

Washington says that her personal favorite are the migrant songbirds and mammals that appear “no matter what season you are there. It’s like they are your friends, accompanying you through dark and light.”

For Konig it was the open space:

“Can you imagine?  Over 5,000 open acres!  Go fishing, hunting, picnicking and more.  And the American River Bike Trail is just a dream.  I am not such a big cyclist but when I was there I couldn’t resist.  Spanning 32 miles from Old Sacramento’s Discovery Park and Folsom Lake, you then meet the Sacramento Northern Bikeway north of Del Paso Boulevard. It’s fantastic.”

Next time you take a vacation to California and you just want to get away from the over-commercialization of the region, stop and smell the coffee. The shaded trail, fitted with restrooms and fountains also offers swimming areas and parks as you stroll through Sacramento at its best.