Making Christmas Work for You

Christmas can be a time of incredible expense for everyone. There are presents to be bought, festive meals to be made and family members to appease.  All of this costs money and for those who have not budgeted ahead of time, extra revenue needs to be made.

If you missed out this year, start  looking ahead for next, as in Sacramento there are events to guide on how to get through the festive period financially.  One example are the Personal Finance Workshops happening early next year for 5 Thursdays.  Topics discussed include: cash flow increase; asset accumulation; planning your retirement and saving for children’s education.  When ones regular finances are in order, putting aside extra needed cash for holiday seasons like Christmas becomes much more manageable.

One is never too young to start saving money.  That can be seen from one of our very dear local children, 5-year old Faye Segraves who heard about the death of Cal Fire engineer Cory Iverson who was struck down while battling Ventura County’s Thomas Fire.  Her response was that she wanted to give money to kids who had lost their fathers so that they could have extra toys for Christmas.  With her mother Kylee, they set up their own fundraiser in conjunction with the Wildland Fighter Foundation.

If a little girl can understand the value of getting money for crises, then all the more so should we as adults be able to plan (financially) for much of everyday life’s little extras.