Recent Local Business Expansions

Expansions are underway by Sacramento’s Golden 1 Center via the Downtown Commons (DOCO).  It is hoped that these endeavors will be beneficial to local businesses with the opening of a variety of pop up shops.  This is a relatively new idea for the area and could result in something more permanent, should success ensue.

Meanwhile, the City Council is looking to expand the Sacramento Convention Center and renovate the Community Center Theater.  It is likely that locals will be hired to better ensure project on time completion.  In addition, with the agreement in place it is less likely that strikes will occur resulting in delays.  And of course you have the added benefit of enhanced construction careers for locals while establishing “lucrative business opportunities for local companies.”

Woodland based Amos Metz Rentals has just been sold to Sacramento based investors.  According to one of the former owners, Joe Metz:

 “Amos Metz has been in business since 1945 and is a staple in its marketplace. We are very pleased to have sold our business to Sacramento-based investors who know our business very well. We had several options after our long-time manager, Willie Truitt, retired and selling to this group was a natural fit for both parties. Willie, who owned a portion of the business, had a wonderful career in rental for over 40 years and we appreciate all of his hard work and efforts.”