Return of Electronic Trolleys/Streetcars?

Many people in Sacramento have been trying to get the federal government of $100 million to enable the $208 million streetcar system in.  Donald Trump may now make that happen as he recently sent officials to the region to conduct a “risk analysis” of the project.

There are still hoops needed to get through, primarily fiscal related.  As such, Sacramento city officials have agreed to give a large cash advance and if approved by city council votes, the money Sacramento and West Sacramento needs will be put in place.

There are many benefits to implementing a streetcar system for modern cities. But many remains a problem as Jeff Harris, City Councilman for Sacramento and streetcar proponent board member has found.  He said that there are too many continuous requests for additional money to fund it.

But still, if the people of Sacramento are willing to pay then surely the large expense is a non-issue.  Indeed it was found that people who own property who live close to where the downtown Sacramento line is proposed actually voted to tax themselves $50 million to for operational costs. In addition, once the Trump administration coughs up, the SacRT will add $25 million to the venture.