Sacramento’s Environmental Efforts

Significant environmentally-enhancing efforts have been made in Sacramento recently.  Trends in this are continuing with the proposed regulations of setting up a Conditional Exclusion for Chemically Treated Metal Shredder Residue.  It is hoped that additional rules will be put in place to put conditions in place to improve protection of environment health and safety.

An analysis was formulated by California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) on how human health is impacted by this, as well as metal shredding facilities and other matters pursuant to the environment.

An Environmental Justice Bureau has recently been set up in an attempt to enhance living environments for people and their families in Sacramento. California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra is seeking to ensure environmental concerns are taken seriously and:

“compel businesses and government agencies to clean contaminated drinking water, reduce exposure to lead and other toxins and prevent illegal waste discharges in communities burdened disproportionately by pollution.”

Becerra pointed out:

“The harsh reality is that some communities in California — particularly low-income communities and communities of color — continue to bear the brunt of pollution from industrial development, poor land-use decisions, transportation, and trade corridors. Meeting the needs of these communities requires our focused attention.”