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Will LED Bulbs Become Standard Staples?

The answer to that question is yes, if the California Energy Commission (CEC) has anything to do with it. The Sacramento-based CEC is proposing this because it believes that it will potentially result in a saving in energy expenditure of over $4 billion over the next 13 years.  Apart from the financial incentive, there is also the green aspect.  Should this initiative go ahead, there will also be a substantial decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

According to CEC’s Energy Efficiency Leader and Commissioner, Andrew McAllister, “Replacing inefficient, energy-wasting light bulbs with more efficient ones is one of the easiest ways to save money and help California reach its energy goals. Although both small-diameter directional lamps and LEDs have the potential to save significant amounts of energy, there are no federal or state standards for either.”

This argument has been supported by many others as well.  For example, as an article in LED Luxor stated, “By far the most energy efficient, the cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination is LED lighting, which is basically digital light and comes with a multitude of amazing benefits.”  The article then listed these as: long life, energy efficiency, ecology friendly, durable quality, zero UV missions, operational irrespective of heat or cold, light dispersal, instant lighting and frequent switching, and low voltage.

One argument against making this switch is that they are quite pricey. Given that a regular bulb for the home is priced between $5 and $10, people might not necessarily want to spend $20.  But that argument – while it may have been relevant some years ago when people first started switching over to these bulbs – is actually no longer all that relevant.  These days one can get LED bulbs for less than $10 and some even retail at less than $3.

There are a few additional aspects to understand about this proposal.  First, that if approved, it will be a two-tiered process, with starting date in 2017 and an end date in 2019.  And second, the CEC believes that directional lamps would only increase in price by $1.50 but it has an average lifetime.  This results in an average lifetime savings of close to $8.

California Health Care: Brius LLC

Health care is certainly a heated topic in California, and throughout the United States. And when it comes time to find the right location for an elderly loved one, it’s not always easy to know what to do. Certainly, looking at the list of top ranked nursing homes in California is helpful. One organization for instance, Brius LLC, is ranked 4th among the 15th largest nursing companies in California in terms of the nursing hours that it offers to its patients.

As founder of Brius, Shlomo Rechnitz explained, “Our organization, together with the company we hire to provide services at our facilities, continually strives to maintain the highest quality of care and to make our skilled nursing homes safe and comfortable for our patients. If any of my immediate family members required the services of a skilled nursing facility, admitting them to any one of our facilities would give me peace of mind.”

Brius, with Shlomo Rechnitz, has purchased 81 elderly care facilities since entering the market in 2006, and they have turned them around dramatically. When they purchased them, 59 were insolvent and none came with the five-star rating from the federal government that is based on the on-site Medicare inspection results.

After tirelessly working to improve care, Bruis found that the deficiencies at all 59 of the troubled nursing homes they purchased had dropped on average 65% in the first 12 months. As a result of their success in the last three years, Brius has been appointed by the California Department of Public Health as one of only a few temporary managers that the state calls upon to quickly help to stabilize a failing nursing home. As reported in the article in the Sacramento Observer, as Rechnitz explained, “On numerous occasions, we were contacted by CDPH about failing facilities and asked to consider lending our expertise to turn the facilities around. We were always willing to do so, whether as a temporary manager, receiver or taking over the facility.”

Brius has also managed to save jobs and prevent the transfer of patients to new residences. As the Sacramento Observer explained, “Without the intervention of Brius at these distressed facilities, 6,342 patients would have been forced to transfer and approximately 6,000 Californians would have lost their jobs.”