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Sacramento to Become Hub for Alternative Meat Industry

The future of the animal-free animal products industry is booming.  And Sacramento seems to be becoming the address for a lot of its investments.  According to a recent article in Business Insider, “seventy-one investors worth a combined $1.9 trillion are working together to put pressure on the world’s largest food companies to “future proof” their supply chains by bringing more meat alternatives to market.”

Two biochemists recently came to San Francisco and opened up their research lab for their firm Finless Foods on a bench in a basement in SoMa, conveniently just beneath their San Francisco biotech accelerator investor – IndieBio. Finless Foods is attempting to create a simulacrum of bluefin tuna fillet to help relieve the pressure on the prized – but severely overfished – species.

What companies like Finless Foods are trying to do is respond to the decrease in demand for the future of animal produce and to hack yeast cells to produce egg whites; torque plant proteins into muscle-like fibers and grow slaughter-free “duck” or “chicken” in factories. Should this be the future, it will likely be Sacramento that will become one of the global addresses for hub (along with the rest of the Bay area). The entire factory farming industry is undergoing an evolution and investments are being put into animal agriculture.