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Smart Refrigerators

With the launch of Sacramento-based Byte Foods a year-and-a-half ago, some of the city’s businesses will soon be privy to “smart refrigerators,” which are basically vending machines that will offer healthy food options, turning the vending machine market on its head (having been known historically for junk food sales).

The machine is also much simpler to use than the old method of having the right money and/or hoping for the best.  With Byte Foods, customers just need to Swipe (their credit card), Grab (the food item) and Go (eat it!).

The focus for the food is healthy, wholesome, nutritious and fresh.  Purchase a Sprogs gluten free Bacon and Egg Power Lunch, a Carrot and Ginger Soup, Avocado Power Lunch sandwich, Organic Breakfast Bistro, BBQ Chopped Salad with Tofu and ranch dressing and so much more.

The company’s motto is: Always Fresh, Always Open. When the office cafeteria is closed Byte Foods will be open…even at 2 am!

In addition to the convenience of wholesome, fresh food on the go, Byte Foods makes it easy for companies to work with it.  As co-founder Lee Mokri said, employers can “offer fresh meals to their employees, (meals) that employees pay for directly from the fridge. And it’s easy to use … There’s no ordering in advance, no theft, no honor system and it’s just like your typical retail experience because you purchase directly from the kiosk.”

It’s clearly working.  Delivering around 50 new fridges to offices each month, it is now time for the Sacramento launch. Hotels, medical institutions and educational establishments are also jumping on board.