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Plastic Bag Ban Goes Into Effect January 1st

As of Friday, January 1st, shoppers will no longer be given free of charge either plastic or paper bags for their purchases. Plastic is completely banned, while customers can still purchase either paper bags or reusable plastic bags for 10 cents a pop. Sacramento is now one of over 145 counties and cities throughout California where plastic bags are illegal for free distribution.

The ban applies to pharmacies, convenience stores and groceries. It is designed to stem the flow of junky plastic bags into landfills, lining streets as trash, and polluting waterways. Consumers will have to bring their own bags shopping, or else buy bags for 10 cents each.

One consumer took the ban in stride:

“A lot of store trips are spontaneous,” said 65 year-old Bob Maurer of Natomas. He came to the store without any bags, and was forced to purchase a few to get his groceries to his car. “It means you have to keep a bag in your car all the time. But 10 cents isn’t that much. If it’s good for the environment, it’s a small price to pay.”