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Sacramento: Keeping Local Employees Safe

One of the most important components in a job is safety.  Not job security per se (although obviously that is a factor) but being able to go to one’s job every day and feel safe.

Unfortunately, in the hospitality industry that has often been lacking, especially for those dealing with hotel guests.  it is hard to offer protection to employees cleaning rooms.  until now hotel owners have hoped that guests would behave with respect and kindness and left it at that.  But that is not enough to prevent hotel guests assaulting or harassing staff as they clean their rooms.

According to local organization United Here Local 49 President’s Chris Rak:

“Too many housekeepers have to worry every day about inappropriate guest behavior that could be lurking behind any hotel room door. We’re glad the city of Sacramento is taking steps to make these jobs safer.”  

Thankfully in the new year, there may be a solution for that for those in Sacramento since an ordinance has been approved by the Sacramento City Council Committee to require hotels to have panic buttons.  According to retired architect and frequent traveler Moshe Victor Keinig, this is definitely a great first step.

“I’ve seen so many types of people check in and out of all sorts of hotels and I’ve often wondered how staff are being treated behind the scenes by these individuals.  Giving them a mobile panic button is a great idea.”

Another retired frequent flyer, Victoria Vans-Queys, who often comes to Sacramento to see her mum re-iterated this point. She said:

“Since you can’t vet the people visiting your hotel there simply has to be some kind of protection for staff members.  I’m shocked that they have been left unprotected for so long and am just glad that at least the Sacramento City Council is starting to take action.”

Hopefully this action will have a significant impact and will result in all employees feeling safe to attend their jobs each day.