Development of Woodland City

While it is taken almost four years to gain approval, now that everyone is on board, serious development of Woodland City is about to begin.  The 2035 General Plan – that will be two decades in the making – will cost around $2 million.

The document contains nine elements, comprising the main goals for the vision of the city to benefit the 57,000 residents there.  Initially, various procedures will be undertaken to align zoning codes with new codes, will occur.  This should take around two years.  For the longer-term, issues connected to land use, housing, public safety, recreation, etc., will be brought up to date as well. The Climate Action Plan has been established to shake up the community’s commitment to sustainable and renewable energy as well as the reduction of pollution.

The main goal is for the Spring Lake development in Spring Lake to be completed before any other area of expansion is approved. Those living there – many of whom moved in during the Great Recession – have been waiting a long time for the completion of various local amenities.  It is hoped that Spring Lake will be fully developed within the next decade.